5 ways to smooth facial pores

Adults tend  to hide the size of skin pores are enlarged due to their older.
5  ways to smooth their facial pores are 
  1. Eliminate the remaining make-up every night, despite feeling tired attack. Because, going to bed with dirty faces is not good. Although not wear make-up every day, take a few minutes to wash the face before bed to remove dirt and oil clinging to the skin. 
  2. Clean the face with soap that contains salicylic acid. These materials can help to dissolve oil and dirt content in the pores, so the skin is fresher.
  3.  Use a moisturizer that contains no oil or non-allergenic moisturizer or salicylic acid can also. For skin types prone to irritation, combined with moisturizer. 
  4. Consider for treatment at a beautician and skin (Dermatology). By taking care of Dermatology, may be chemical peelings and laser to help blood flow to the skin. However, this treatment is not cost less. All depends on yo

Tips So that the Nail is more Strong

The problem of the broken nail or peel off often was experienced by many women. Its cause was the fragile nail situation and unhealthy. If you often experienced this matter immediately carried out the maintenance that could reinforce your nail.
That because of the functioning nail protected skin and your finger. So lest your nail was in the fragile situation and was easy to be broken. To make the nail become stronger had several maintenance that could be carried out by you personally in the house. 
Firstly, spread the finger and your nail in a cream manner moisturizer every day so that not dry. Secondly, used cuticle oil every time gazed at sleep, because of making the nail stronger and triggering his growth. Thirdly, always used gloves when carrying out housework. This matter to protect the nail from chemicals that could make him fragile and were easy to be broken.
Fourthly did "nail bath". For its product, you could get it in the maintenance shop of beauty and his price then heterogeneous. Could be adapted to your pocket situation. Fifthly, satisfied the requirement for calcium because of being very influential in the strength and the health of your nail. Carry also out the pedicure and manicure in the salon in an orderly fashion at least one month very much.

Jogging removed Stress

The researchers believed in stress was the trigger factor of the occurrence of various illnesses, like back pain, the problem of the stomach, hypertension, and the heart. However when stress came, went possibly to the last solution that crossed in our marrow, was not? This has been proven by the researchers who monitored the habit playing sport from 82 women in 8 weeks. And, results that were found by them were the women tended rarer played sport when they were stricken by stress.
In fact in fact, we could make sport walk as the stress silencer. Along with the proceeding exercise regulation that could help us to calm the pressure in this head. Always thought positive. Say to himself, in a proceeding manner we could gain the achievement that more than that was aimed at. Why, because of playing sport will make the body healthier, fresher and thought clearer. So, we will become the more productive person.
Jogging in the morning before the other person went out activities, will give us the opportunity to more the focus to himself, explained Suki Munsell, PhD, the director from the Dynamic Health and Fitness Institute in Corte Madera, California. “At the day was felt so solid as well as the number of decisions that must be taken, walked in the morning could give me the answer and the clarity concerning all the problems that I faced “ more Suki. Look for new scenery. Choose the proceeding route that was quiet towards the beautiful garden. The environment that was interesting, could make the feeling become calmer. Avoided went in the busy road in the afternoon, because that will only add the level of our stress.
Reduce the speed. Forced himself to walk more fast and again faster, will make us more was pressed. When being full of stress, went relaxed could become the wiser choice. If you were too busy with the work and could not provide time to go. Use spare time a little, like before or after having lunch. Moreover right before meeting the client, could become alternative that was interesting. The contents “baterai” we by being proceeding enough 5 minutes apart from the office.

Faintly Stress without Food

Gave full rein to stress with food not the exact way out. The Emory University research said, the employee that stress will in the office eat many. In time their two weight months improved. Was different from them who were somewhat "naughty" and relaxed in working. They that difficult stress usually has the level of hormone Cortisol that was high. Cortisol evidently could change fat into sugar, that was dangerous for the health. Overcame with:

1. Send the e-mail to yourself every time you ate
Tell about in the email work relations with the superior, deadline the work, and what was felt (stress, angry, or panicked). Reconsider the message every week so that knew how the influence of emotions on the pattern of eating you. Continued by compiling the plan to change this situation.
2. Shift attention
Telephone the friend and told all that was felt by you. Did before you ate snack
3. Drink green tea or black tea
Before ate snack, drank tea that contained theanin, the compound of amino acid chemistry that could help the brain to be still relaxing.
4. Gathered with milis
Followed mail list, for example mail list the hobby or the certain community like mail list the health prevention Indonesia. Or, wrote blog personally, this will improve mood you.

Nutrition To overcome Hair fell

Healthy hair always was not obtained with the expensive maintenance in the salon. The health research aimed healthy hair and shone really depended from being fluent in him the circulation of blood and the requirement for the nutrient. The condition for the health of hair also was connected with the situation, the liver and the level of stress of the thyroid gland. So, if you wanted to have beautiful hair paid also attention to the requirement for the nutrient.
The control of the requirement for your food. Much consumption of many vegetables and the fresh fruit, as well as reduced consumption of fast food. Remembered if the requirement for the nutrient did not only have a positive impact on the health of the body but also made hair and coconut skin became healthier. Consuming vegetables and the fresh fruit also very effective made hair healthier and shone. 

Consumption also food that contained sulphur like the shallot, the garlic, green vegetables and the egg. Sulphur, often was acknowledged as the "beauty mineral". Sulphur this often was found on hair, skin and the healthy nail, his function to increase the circulation of blood. Several theories sulphur could trigger the growth of hair despite already in the bald situation. Food that contained much iodine and calcium, also could stimulate the growth of new hair. So, when your hair was often falling, consumption milk and his whim product, like cheese and yogurt.
Reduced consumption of coffee and sweet food also could make your hair healthier. The substitute for coffee with fresh juice or the mineral water. The lack of water could make hair be seen dull and could trigger the degradation of the cell.

Do you want to get sound asleep

Often played sport could make sleep more sound. The reason is, not only because of sport made tired. Shawn Youngstedt, Ph.D., the researcher from University of California analyzed 38 researches that were related to relations between sport and sleep.
Below this his conclusion. 
- Hot that was produced the body when playing sport made sleep become better.
- Sport tonight it was warned improved the quality of sleep someone. However, evidently that did not apply to a small number of people. There is good him tried-please personally sport time before afterwards found what time that gave the effect was better for the body. 
- Better practiced longer, not harder. That influenced soundly or not slept someone was the competing length, not heavy or his exercise kind. Please played sport light like floor gymnastics, rode a static bicycle, swam, or walked above treadmill for 30 - 40 minutes.
- The Light made sleep more sound. The research that was carried out to a group of insomnia sufferer showed the existence of the correlation between sport, sunbathed against the sun rays, and sleep time. The competing group in the afternoon and the sunbathing routine in the morning experienced the increase in sleep time totaling 1 hour.
- So that was avoided from insomnia, avoided the drink that contained alcohol and caffeine, moreover if being drunk approaching sleep time.

Hard to sleep? May be caused by your mobile

Around slept many people who liked to chat with the sweetheart or the friend through the cellular phone for hours. If you had the habit was like this better from now on was reduced and try to get to be eliminated.
That because according to the research that was carried out by the team of the researcher from Wayne State University in Detroit, the United States and Karolinska Institute in Sweden, used the cellular phone gazed at sleep will reduce the quality of sleep. Have a headache, the tired feeling when getting up as well as insomnia was the effect from using the cellular phone gazed at sleep. 
Generally, used the cellular phone before time slept everything in a long time, will make the quality of sleep descend. That will result in the condition for the body that descended the next day.
This research involved 35 men and the respondent's 36 women that aged between 18 and 45 years. From the research was learned, several respondents were affected by radiation from the cellular phone. This radiation that reduced the quality of sleep and had the negative effect in the health. If the habit used this cellular phone continued to be carried out, radiation that adhered to the body even more and could cause the long-term effect. 
The use of the cellular phone also in fact influenced the specific change in the brain part that arranged the handling system of stress. Only did not cause insomnia and the tired feeling, but also will make the attitude become more aggressive and fast emotions. Radiation from the cellular phone in fact could be reduced by being sound asleep. So many experts in the health that recommended to turn off the cellular phone gazed at sleep time.

8 Accurate steps overcame Insomnia

You must be had felt restless because of could not sleep although time has shown at midnight? Although trying to close the eyes, your thoughts continued to drift through to be able to not tidur. afterwards, the body was then limp in the morning and the head was felt by the headache because of the condition for the body still not all that to rest. This the sign of insomnia that must be guarded against by you. 
Insomnia could be interpreted as a situation whichever someone experienced the difficulty of could not sleep or sleep soundly. Level level anyone had experienced insomnia very much in his life. Moreover there was one more extreme named 30 – 50% the population experienced insomnia.  
The Imsonia cause
This insomnia could be caused attacked all the groups of the age. Nevertheless, the figure of the insomnia incident will increase together with the age increase. This possibly as a result of by stress that often descended on the person that aged older. By that, the woman it was said more often suffered insomnia when being compared by the man. 
Apart from because of the problem stress, insomnia could also happen because of having the problem in your food. Another thing that could cause insomnia to be the atmosphere of the room that did not support, concerned, through to consumption of excessive caffeine.  
The method overcame insomnia 
1. Doing sport regularly 
Process the body was arranged. Several researches mentioned processed the body that was arranged could help the person who experienced the problem by sleeping. Sport better be carried out in the morning and not several minutes gazed at sleep. By processing the body, your health became more optimal so as the body could oppose stress that emerged better. 
2. Reduce consumption kaffein 
Reduced the requirement for caffeine like tea or coffee. When you wanted to consume him, did in the morning, or slowest 4 hours before sleeping tonight. Caffeine that was consumed too much close to sleep time only will hinder the arrival of the feeling of drowsiness. 
3. Pay attention to time to eat  
You must pay attention to time to eat, gave minimal time two hours before sleep after eating last food ate dinner. The distance ate that too much close to sleep time precisely will increase metabolism and the temperature of the body, so as to make sleep increasingly was difficult. By this means, And You Too could maintain the weight, considering sleep after eating big often will keep fat. If really was hungry, chose snack like cereal wheat that was mix milk, tofu, the wheat porridge, or bread that was sprinkled wijen. However, continue to gave the minimal distance one hour before sleeping because tryptophan also needed time to stimulate the brain.  
4. Eat food contained the carbohydrate gazed at sleep 
To be able to sleep soundly, your body needed trytophan or that often was acknowledged as the substance penidur. Trytophan, that was the fatty acid kind, functioned produced serotonin that could loosen nerves in the centre of the brain. When the brain has relaxed, you will more find it easy to fall asleep with the good quality. Trytophan was often met to food berkabohidrat light. The cake muffin, the biscuit, or could be made the solution. However should not be too full, your digestion will be loaded because of must work hard to dissolve, so as to rest you could not be maximal. 
5. Carry out the activity that made you comfortable to sleep 
You could begin him by pouring oil aromaterapi in diffuser, bathed warm water, tuned the favourite song or covered the bed with the comfortable blanket. When sleeping, turn off light, turn off the matter of the matter that caused the voice, confirmed you were comfortable with the temperature of the room of your sleep. Keep away the table clock from your view because the object could make you concerned because of still could not be sound asleep now the hour needle increasingly protracted. 
6. Bed only for sleeping
When you wanted to read or watch the tv better did in another place so as when you went to the bed, 'alarm' on your body immediately warned that this was time to sleep. This will help your body to adjust to the bed environment. When you lay in the bed, then will emerge the stimulus to sleep. 
7. Clear up thoughts 
Clear up your thoughts. Eliminate all the concerns that descended on your thoughts. One of the methods for this was wrote all of your thoughts through the media blog. 
8. Sleep and got up in the period that was arranged
Sleep and got up in the period of time that was arranged every day. Chaotic sleep time will disrupt your sleep time was further.

If tips this also could not give results that were positive for you, immediately contacted dokter 

The pimple vanished without Medicine

Sometime you became embarrassed if going to go out and to minder because of the available pimple on the face. So, although the pimple not emerged again, read tips this! 
The natural method and the change in the pattern of the proven also life potent to expel the naughty pimple on the cheek.  
Using he pimple mask regularly
The honey mask is most appropriate to expel the pimple. Because of honey contained anti the bacteria that can kill germs and eliminate the pimple. Moreover, honey is also very soft for sensitive skin. 
Remove hair from the face
If having long hair, tried the bunch or the clip until not touching the face. Because of various everyday activities, could make your hair contain oil and the waste. The waste and oil that touched this face that became the trigger of the pimple emergence. 
Wash the face twice a day, 
During all day long doing many activities, dust, pollution, the waste and the bacteria often must have been clung to the face. So that these wastes do not last long on our face, don't forget to wash the face totaling twice in a day, in the morning and the night before sleeping. Use soap anti the pimple that have material the foundation of the sulfur. 
Eat carrots
Eat carrots to get my nutrition carotene (vitamin A). Because of the available content in beneficial vitamin A to reinforce fibres that protect skin and preventhe pimple. Moreover, effective also to reduce the production of sebum. Basically, potent vitamin A to guard and improve fibre and the network that formed skin.
Drink Multivitamin
Apart from because of the waste, the pimple also indicate the existence something yang did not freeze in your body. Because of the health of skin correctly depend in  nutrition that you consumption. If not all that nutrition, the body will produce sebum (a kind of oil) that was abundant so as plugs pores. This reaction apart from triggering the pimple also will reduce the skin capacity to cure itself and oppose the bacteria. 

Overcome big pores on the Face in an instant

Big pores is one of the problems of very annoying face skin. With big pores the bacteria more found it easy to cling to face skin. So, the pimple then is easy to grow.
Usually the type of oily skin that has big pores. This matter in fact can not be changed because really in relation to genetic. There are several matters that made your pores fast dirty and triggered the pimple. That is, the secretion or defecated that not be fluent in, the fluctuation hormon. stress, the medicine and the weakness of body resistance. 

For the maintenance that can be carried out by you is by cleaning pores in an orderly fashion. The maintenance that usually often is given for the porous skin kind big is peeling.
Peeling to tighten pores, 
this maintenance can help cleans and tightens pores. The effect of chemistry from peeling will promote the layer of skin is highest. Peeling has a function of stimulating the growth of the layer of new skin by promoting the layer is most outside from the epidermis. 
Peeling enzyme
Peeling that used the functioning enzyme to clean pores only in the surface part. Usually the formula peeling is  made from the fermentation material like  papain, bromelain and trypsin. The effect from peeling the enzyme softened face skin like peeling ultrasonic.
Peeling TCA Escape
TCA skin uses trichloracetic acid, entered the category "medium-depth peel". Peeling this is very effective to overcome the swelling resulting from the pimple. Peeling this caused the effect on skin and needed two till 3 weeks of the restoration period.
this maintenance be classed as that was most fast and comfortable for porous skin big. Cryotherapy helped overcame the problem of the inflammation in the pimple and reduced the production of oil in the face part. This maintenance could also prevent wrinkles and brightened skin.